Applied Psychology BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate

Course type: A level & Applied • Awarding/exam body: Pearson
The Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Applied Psychology is equal to one A level. This subject is taken alongside two other A levels or Level 3 Extended Certificate subjects.
In this course of Applied Psychology, you will learn all about the human mind and human behaviour. You will examine what makes us who we are and why and how we form decisions. Many units in psychology will increase your understanding of the world and people around you. Not just focusing on mental disorders and mental health, Applied Psychology will help you understand what to do to facilitate good mental health. There is another important unit in Applied Psychology where you will discover how to conduct psychological research and check that other research is accurate. In addition to these units there are optional units where you can choose Criminal and Forensic Psychology tailor making the course to what you wish to study.
Applied Psychology differs from A level Psychology not just because Applied Psychology has a coursework element (in addition to exams), but because 'applied' means that you learn psychology not in theory, but in application to real life, helping you understand the people and societies we live in today.

Course Units

Core Units:
Psychological approaches and applications
Conducting Psychological research
Health Psychology
Example of further units:
Criminal and Forensic Psychology
Promoting Children's Psychological Development
Introduction to Psychopathology
Applied Sport Psychology

Course Assessment

There are three main forms of assessment: external (exams), internal (assessed work) and synoptic (exams at the end of each year).

This Course Can Lead To…

This can lead to careers in Counselling, Therapy based practices, Business, Healthcare, Marketing, Public Relations, Law, Criminal and Probationary services, Criminology, Child Development & Sport Science. You can study either a BSc (Science) or a BA (Art) in Psychology, so individual university requirements need to be checked as they may vary. A Psychology degree has been widely regarded as one of the most versatile degrees when trying to access the job market after university.

Entry Requirements

To qualify to study 3 A level/ Applied subjects, you will need to achieve 6 GCSEs at Grade 4 or above, preferably including English Language or Maths at grade 4 or above. 

In addition/ within those 6 GCSEs, for this subject you will need to achieve Grade 4 or above in English Language, maths and double science (if single sciences are taken then a grade 4 in two sciences is required).

Course Highlights

  • Trip to Freud Museum
  • Trip to Bethlem Royal Hospital