Classical Civilisation

Course type: A level & Applied • Awarding/exam body: AQA
Classical Civilisation complements English Literature, History, Politics, Performance Studies, Religion and Philosophy and Art. Through The World of the Hero, students will study some of the greatest pieces of literature produced in the Ancient World; the Odyssey and the Aeneid. Both texts will be explored for attitudes and values of the time and explore what it was to be a hero in the Classical world. The Greek Theatre unit allows students to explore the background to western theatre performance using art and architecture, and to engage with ancient Greek comedy and tragedy, both of which pose questions relevant to society today. The Beliefs and Ideas unit looks at the philosophy and ethics of love and relationships. Those who like a good argument will be able to consider Greek and Roman ideas related to the passions, frustrations and delights of love in the Ancient World. The ethical questions raised by these ideas continue to be relevant and students will be able to discuss important issues surrounding love, desire, sex, sexuality and the institution of marriage.

Course Units

The World of the Hero: Homer’s ‘Odyssey’
Culture and Arts: Greek Theatre

The World of the Hero: Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’
Beliefs and Ideas: Love and Relationships

Course Assessment

Assessment is 100% examination based.

This Course Can Lead To…

Careers which involve research, analysing and evaluating evidence and information, textual analysis, developing arguments and being able to spot the weaknesses in assertions, and developing independent thinking skills. Students with Classical Civilisation A level often progress to careers in Law, Politics, the Civil Service, Teaching and Public Relations and many more areas. It is highly regarded by universities and employers.

Course Highlights

1 Trips to universities to access talks by experts in the field.

2 Theatre trips to see Greek plays, which are still performed in London’s West End.

3 Museum visits.