Further Mathematics

Course type: A level & Applied • Awarding/exam body: Edexcel
If you love maths and are really good at it, you should consider this course. You will be taught in a small class of very able mathematicians and must take this course alognside A Level Mathematics

Half of the course will be extra Pure Maths, one quarter will be Decision Maths and another quarter will be Further Statistics. Pure Maths includes vectors, complex numbers and matrices. Decision Maths involves using
networks and graphs to solve maximising or minimising problems and Statistics consists of hypothesis testing and goodness of fit tests.

Course Units

Core Maths
Descision Maths
Further Statistics

Course Assessment

Assessment is 100% examination based. There will be four exams, you are allowed a calculator in each.

This Course Can Lead To…

For many, Mathematics extends into our chosen profession; civil servants need to analyse data, economists need to recognise financial trends, engineers need to take account of stress patterns in physical materials. This subject is useful if you want to go on to study Maths, Engineering, Computing, Economics or a science at degree level. It can also be beneficial for research based subjects such as Psychology, or subjects involving Business. There are many career paths from studying Mathematics.

Entry Requirements

Grade 7 in Maths; GCSE score of 4.8 or above

Course Highlights

  • Several of our Further Maths students have taken part in Saturday Schools at universities.
  • Further Maths students are encouraged to mentor other students.
  • Opportunities for short work experience type visits.