Course type: A level & Applied • Awarding/exam body: Edexcel
Geography is exciting and relevant and a subject for our times. You will be given the opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of physical and human geography, the relationship between people and the environment, and to become critical, reflective and independent learners. You will gain insight into the forces shaping the present, and future, of our societies and environments. A key part of the course involves residential fieldwork to a coastal area in southern England, usually in March or April of year 1.

Course Units


Dynamic Landscapes
1. Tectonic Processes and Hazards
2. Coastal Landscapes and Change

Dynamic Places
1. Globalisation
2. Regenerating Places/ Diverse Places


Physical Systems and Sustainability
1. The Water Cycle and Water Insecurity
2. The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security

Human Systems and Geopolitics
1. Globalisation
2. Migration, Identity & Sovereignty

Course Assessment

80% of the marks are for three exams of 2 hours 15 minutes each. 20% of the marks are for an Independent Investigation of 3000-4000 words. (The four days of field work feeds into this coursework.)

This Course Can Lead To…

Geography is included amongst the key facilitating subjects in a guide compiled by the Russell Group of 20 leading universities. Jobs related directly to geography include Cartography, Surveying, Environmental Consultancy, GIS officer and Teaching. The transferability of geographic knowledge and skills also make it one of the most sought after qualifications for many other careers such as International Aid, Logistics and Distribution, Finance, Tourism and Transport.

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in English Language and Grade 4 in Maths

Course Highlights

  • A residential field trip to a coastal area - a chance for students to see the ‘real thing’, have fun and learn the skills required for independent investigation work.
  • Opportunities to attend conferences and hear keynote speakers.