Media Studies

Course type: A level & Applied • Awarding/exam body: Eduqas
Our programme of study is creative, critical and compelling in its approach. Media Studies offers a unique combination and of theory and practical work. Your study of Media will help you develop your appreciation of moving image and print media’s rich artistic, social and political traditions. Students will learn through close analysis of carefully chosen media texts, a thorough application of theoretical perspectives, and a major coursework project.

Course Units

Media Language: How the media communicates meaning to audiences through media texts such as advertisements, television programmes and newspaper reports.
Media Representation: How the media portrays events, issues, places, individuals and social groups through the processes of selection, construction and mediation of texts.
Media Industries: The processes of production, distribution and circulation by media industries and how these affect media forms and platforms.
Media Audiences: How media institutions and their texts target, reach and address audiences, how audiences interpret and respond to them and how members of audiences become producers themselves.
Production Skills: Students are required to individually produce a major coursework project. Students will devise a media product, developing valuable practical skills in production and postproduction processes using industry-standard software available on our Apple Mac platform.

Course Assessment

70% exam based, requiring excellent literacy skills as well as extensive reading around the subject.
30% coursework production; creative flair and a vivid imagination is vital for the successful completion of all coursework elements.

This Course Can Lead To…

A Level Media Studies offers excellent preparation for any one of the range of Media or Film Studies courses available in higher education, with many of our students taking up offers from Royal Holloway University of London, University of Hertfordshire, Goldsmiths University and Warwick University.

Entry Requirements

To qualify to study 3 A level/ Applied subjects, you will need to achieve 6 GCSEs at Grade 4 or above, preferably including English Language or Maths at grade 4 or above. 

In addition/ within those 6 GCSEs, for this subject you will need to achieve Grade 5 in English Language.