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Applications for September 2020 & Coronavirus

If you have a conditional offer

Do not worry - your place with us from September 2020 is secure, and this will remain the case no matter what is decided in terms of how GCSEs are awarded. At this moment in time we have no further information on the government strategy with awarding qualifications, but once they have given more detail we will assess how this might impact our course entry requirements and update you as soon as we can.

The main thing to keep in mind is that your place with us is safe and we will always work to find the best course for you.

At this point it is difficult to know whether our taster days scheduled for the end of June will be going ahead, as this will depend on how long schools and colleges are kept open for. We will update you when we have new information on this.

If you have applied and are awaiting your interview appointment

As the college has now closed we have had to postpone any further interview evenings for the time being. We hope to continue with interviews once we have reopened, however, this will depend on how long the government decides to keep schools and colleges closed for. Should they remain closed for a long period of time we will reassess our method of interviewing and accepting applicants. We intend to keep you updated should there be any changes.

Please be assured that your chances of receiving an offer of a place with us will not be affected by the delay. 

If you have attended an interview and we are waiting for your school reference

The admissions team will continue to work remotely and will continue to chase any missing references. We expect teachers to continue to check and respond to emails while schools are closed, so we hope references will continue to be sent to us at Once we have received a satisfactory reference we aim to notify you by text and email to confirm that you have received a conditional offer.

If you have not yet submitted your application but are hoping to 

Our online application form remains open and we will be processing and reviewing applications remotely.  Interviews have been put on hold for now, with the idea that they will begin again once we return from the break. Should schools and colleges be closed for longer we will be reassessing our admissions procedure and will keep you updated. Your application will not be negatively affected by this delay.

Contacting us

Our admission team will be working remotely from Friday 20th March. If you have any queries, the best way of contacting us will be by emailing, as we cannot guarantee we will have access to the college phone system. You can also contact us by direct messaging us on social media - @sfx6thform on InstagramTwitter and Facebook. We will also be monitoring text messages on the admissions mobile, number 07738 731 273.