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Enrolment 2021

We have limited spaces remaining across subjects/courses. 

If you were given a conditional offer and missed your enrolment appointment last week, visit the college as soon as possible this week between 10am-12.30pm Monday-Friday (the enrolment hall will close for the day at 1pm). Bring along your results and ID.

Pre-enrolment phone calls

We will not be making any further pre-enrolment phone calls before enrolment begins. If you had any issues uploading your results, or you did not receive/ missed your call, please do not worry - come along to your appointment in-person with your documents. If you received a call you will still need to attend your enrolment appointment to complete your enrolment.

Applicants holding a conditional offer

If you have completed an application and received your conditional offer you should have now received an enrolment appointment time from us. Prior to enrolment, we ask you to upload your GCSE results and UK passport/ birth certificate onto your application profile. You can do this by visiting Log in using the email address you made the application with and select "Evidence" to add your results and ID. Please make sure the image is clear and includes your name. If you have any trouble uploading your documents please do not worry, instead bring them along to your appointment and we will be able to upload them then.

At your in-person appointment you will meet with one of our course counsellors who will have a brief discussion with you about what courses and subjects you are interested in studying. They will then check that your GCSE results meet the entry requirements for your chosen subjects.  If your GCSE results do not meet the entry requirements for your chosen course we will do our best to find an alternate, suitable course for you. 

What to bring with you to enrolment
Please bring the following with you to enrolment:
  1. your enrolment appointment letter confirming your offer and appointment time
  2. the original copy of your GCSE results, or the electronic version from your school (or UK ENIC Certificate of Comparability if qualifications were taken abroad - see international students)*
  3. passport or UK birth certificate, or alternative identification/ residency documents (you can find accepted documents on the enrolment letter)*
    *We will be asking you to upload these online prior to your enrolment appointment, but please bring them along just incase we need to double check anything.
If you are away for your enrolment appointment
Enrolment should take priority over other arrangements. If you are away at the time of your enrolment appointment, but available on a different day during the enrolment week, please email with your availability and we will let you know if there are any free slots. We will be holding "mop-up" enrolment sessions on Thursday 26th August from 2.15-3.45pm and Friday 27th August from 9.45am-2.30pm (closed for lunch from 12.30-1.45pm). Please come along during this time if you missed your original appointment.

If you are away for the entire enrolment week we advise you to ask a trusted family member or friend to attend your enrolment appointment in your place. You will need to have uploaded your GCSE results onto our system prior to your appointment, and your family member/ friend will need a clear idea of the courses you are hoping to study and, if possible, as many of the other items mentioned in the list above.

If you are away for the entire enrolment week and it is not possible for someone to attend in your place, please email and we will try to book in an appointment for you at your first availability following enrolment week, however it is unlikely all courses will be available at this point. 

Making a late application

We are still accepting late applications for September. We advise you to apply as soon as possible online at  We will need to receive a school reference to cover at least the last two years of your education before we can review your application and offer you a place. We will contact the referee email address entered on your application form so please make sure it is correct before you submit your application. 

If you have any recent school reports we might be able to use them to review your application while we await your official reference, as long as they cover the necessary areas. If you have a school report please email it (or a clear image/scan of it) to us at Please note, any offer or enrolment made following a review of a school report will be conditional to receiving your official reference. We reserve the right to withdraw any offer or enrolment if we receive a reference at a later date that is not at least satisfactory in all areas.

Once we receive a satisfactory report/ reference we will review your application. If you meet the entry requirements and there are spaces available on your chosen subjects/courses we will invite you in to enrol.

Enrolment Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my mind about the course(s) I’ve applied for?
You finalise your decision on which courses you would like to study at enrolment. These can be dierent to what you originally put down on your application form if you have since changed your mind. During the enrolment process you will meet with a course counsellor who will dicuss with you which courses would be best for you based on your GCSE results, interests and your future career plans.

Do I need to attend enrolment with my parent/guardian?
Your parent/guardian is very welcome to attend, but it will not be a problem if they cannot attend. We do ask you to limit family members coming with you to two people maximum.

I can’t make my enrolment appointment. What should I do?                                                      
Enrolment should be your priority over other arrangements. If you have a genuine reason that means you cannot attend your appointment, and you can attend another day during the enrolment week (Monday 23rd - Friday 27th August) please email with your availability and we will see if it is possible to move your appointment. If you are away for the whole of the enrolment week we recommend you ask a trusted family member or friend to attend in your place. You will need to upload your results and ID to the online enrolment system ahead of your appointment and your family member/friend will need to have a clear idea of what courses you are hoping to enrol onto. If you do not have someone that can attend in your place, please contact us. Please be aware we are not able to reserve places and cannot guarantee there will be places remaining once enrolment week has ended.Please note we will not be able to enrol students who are not able to attend lessons for an extended period at the beginning of term due to being out of the country. Instead we would ask you to come and see us as soon as you are able to, but we cannot guarantee a place will be available. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

What happens if my GCSE results don’t meet the entry requirements for my chosen course(s)?
Students with results close to the entry requirements will still be considered for the course. We will look at your overall results to make our final decision. We will do our best to accommodate everyone who has received a conditional oer, even if they have not met the entry requirements for their chosen course, and will fnd a suitable alternative course for you. It is important to attend your enrolment appointment to see what we can oer you.

What do I need to bring with me to enrolment?
You will need to upload your GCSE results and ID online prior to your appointment. You will then need to bring along your GCSE results, proof of identication and your enrolment appointment letter. As you will have already uploaded your results and your ID we will likely not need to see these, but ask you to bring them along just in case we need to double check anything. Don’t worry if you have a problem uploading them; we can scan them in at enrolment.

Can I change a subject once the year has began?
It is possible in some cases to change a subject or course early in the Autumn term. This is dependent on whether there are any spaces available on the subject you want to move across to and how much work has been missed so far. You will be expected to catch up on any missed work in your own time. We strongly advise you to try to make sure the subjects you pick at enrolment are right for you to avoid having to change, as any missed lessons could mean falling behind, and there is no guarantee you will be able to change.

Can I take a BTEC with an A level?
The majority of our BTEC subjects and all of our UAL subjects are Extended Diplomas, this means they are larger in size than a diploma and are full-time courses equal to 3 A levels on their own. For this reason they are not taken with any additional A level subjects. We do oer 3 Applied Diploma subjects - Criminology, Applied Psychology and Law - which are equal to 1 A level, and so are taken with 2 other A level or Applied Diploma subjects.

What is the £50 ICT fee for?
This is a one-off fee for your entire time at St. Francis Xavier. It foes towards WiFi access, the use of the library/ media resources, access to IT support, maintenance/upates to IT/technology systems & is a contribution towards printing credits. We will give you information on how to pay the fee at enrolment. If you have any problems paying the fee please do not worry, just let us know.

If I plan to sit my GCSEs in the Autumn can I change course when the new results come through?
Unfortunately not; the updated results will arrive too late in the academic year for us to transfer students onto a new course/subject. We therefore we have to accept the final grades given in August and use these to confirm which courses you qualify for this academic year.

Can I take four A levels?
Students with exceptional GCSE results will be oered the opportunity to take four A levels. In this situation we often recommend considering the Extended Project Qualication (EPQ), which is equal to half an A level. It is a coursework based project on a topic of your choice that you complete during the rst year and is highly valued by universities. Students qualifying for four A levels may also be considering applying to Oxbridge or Russell Group universities - see our REAch Pathway page.

I am fluent in a different language. Can I take this as a fourth A level?
Students fluent in French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese can take the language as a fourth A level or in addition to their BTEC/UAL course. You will need to attend timetabled lessons for the language. Students who do not have a GCSE qualification in the language will need to first be assessed by the subject teacher. Students who are fluent in a language not offered among our A level subjects are welcome to apply to be entered for the A level exam.

Can I apply to receive a bursary and will I receive Free School Meals?
Information on applying for a 16-19 bursary will be available at the induction day after enrolment. Those who qualify will need to have a personal bank account for the bursary to be paid into. The bursary will be dependent on attendance. Visit to see If you are eligible to receive a bursary. If you received Free School Meals at school it is highly likely you will receive Free College Meals.

When will I have my timetable?
You will receive a provisional timetable at your induction session on Thursday 2nd September after you have enrolled. You will be able to access your timetable online. Be aware there may be some minor changes or additional lessons added in the first few weeks of term.