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Alumni Spotlight: Victoria Taiwo, student of medicine

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Full name: Victoria Taiwo

What year did you graduate from SFX?

Former school:
Harris Academy Beckenham

Courses at SFX and final grades:
Biology (A)
Chemistry (B)
Religious Studies (B)
Alumni Spotlight: Victoria Taiwo, student of medicine
What did you enjoy about courses at SFX?
I enjoyed the challenge aspect. Each course was difficult for different reasons which meant I had to apply myself. I was never spoon-fed information, I had to figure things out.
Why did you choose SFX Sixth Form College?
I chose this sixth form because I needed a fresh start. After attending another sixth form with less than desirable results, I wanted somewhere that would give me a second chance. I had seen my friends that came here do well, so I gave it a try.
What did you like a bout SFX?
I liked the support that I was offered to apply for university as well as the diverse group of people I met here.
Whilst at SFX did you take part in any extracurricular activities, i.e. sports/gym/debating/book club/school council?
I was part of the student union, in particular as head of the charity committee, where I participated in multiple fundraisers including a valentine’s day fundraiser which I organised. We sold roses and sweets.
Where are you going to university and what are you studying?
Kings College London to study medicine (extended)
What are you plans for your career in the future?
I plan on becoming a doctor without borders for a few years. After that I’d like to partake in a speciality such as dermatology or psychiatry. But I’m not sure yet, just taking it one day at a time.
How did SFX support you to gain your place on the medicine degree?
  • Set up interviews on multiple occasions.
  • Allowed me to gain feedback from medical students on my personal statement
  • Extra support sessions to ensure I got the grades.

What advice do you have for new SFX students beginning their course?
  • Establish good habits from the beginning i.e. good time management
  • Ask for help if you need it, especially in the beginning
  • Be completely sure about your courses, now is the time to change your mind.

What advice do you have for current SFX students?
  • Show your teachers you are motivated, so they can offer you support.
  • Don’t let your friendships group distract you from your mission
  • Make a schedule and stick to it 70-80% of the time

What advice do you have for students in the lead up to/during exams?
  • Make revision as engaging as possible
  • Don’t let your exam stress consume you. You are a person before a student.
  • Revise in short chunks.