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Staff Spotlight: Meet our Fitness and Enrichment Supervisor

Published • News
Full name:
Mr Osei-kumaning 

Job title: 
Fitness and Enrichment Supervisor

Tell us a bit about what your responsibilities are at SFX?
I am responsible for promoting sports enrichment to students and staff to help keep them physically active
Staff Spotlight: Meet our Fitness and Enrichment Supervisor
Are there any long term goals you have for strengthening the SFX community?
We have a lot of talented students and I would like to facilitate this by offering more activities such as athletics. I’m also planning to do house competitions which would be similar to a sports day but with a variety of competitive activities. This would not only strengthen the SFX community, but it would improve transferable skills such as team work and planning/strategy.
How do you think support staff contribute to the life at SFX?
We help to make the job easier for our colleugues as well as help the students enjoy their time here. I think support staff are a bit more flexible in what we can offer.  I feel my role provides students with an escape from the stress of their studies and gives them the opportunity to let off some steam. I have an important role of helping students achieve their aspirations as well as guide them to being a responsible adult.
What is the most satisfying part of working within the SFX community?
We have a variety of different cultures and I love engaging with different students and watching their journey from a shy person who doesn’t enjoy or know a thing about exercise to someone who is constantly bugging me asking when is a specific class or activity is happening.
How do you think curriculum services are able to help in learner progression without actually teaching?
Even though I am not in a class room I feel we are still teaching and helping these students. It may not be a specific subject but we are advising and empowering the students to be more productive and build transferable skills.
What would happen to SFX if there were no support staff?
College would be just a class room. Staff would be stressed and students will be bored and troublesome

What advice do you have for students, for the future?
There is a wealth of opportunity out there but no one is going to just give it to you. If you want something go and research how to get it or get there and execute that plan until you achieve it as it will not be easy.
What information do you want to pass on to students about how they can access the fitness facilities at SFX?
The fitness suite is open for all students to use Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We also offer team sports for Football and Basketball and a variety of other sport clubs and group - speak to a member of the Sports department to get the full list of what is happening when.  So if you have a free period or want to represent your college, come along.