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Students Attend Public Services Work Experience Day

Published • News
Last week students from the ALS department visited The Surrey Fire and Rescue Service Station to attend a public service work experience day, meeting the professionals and finding out more information about the roles available within the Fire Brigade, the police and the British Army. 
During the trip the students attended lectures from different areas within the public services and were able to take part in a variety of hands-on activities.

A Police Officer and PCSO from the Surrey Police met with the students and talked through the various aspects of their roles, which included discussing stop and search procedures and what the individual's rights are in public. The students' perception of the Police was discussed and challenged in order to encourage the students to see the police as an approachable presence – as opposed to a threatening one. The Police Officers also presented, discussed, and then demonstrated the use of the equipment that they carry when on patrol.


A British Army soldier in the Army Air Corps gave a speech about the Army, describing training, operations, and her day-to-day life as a soldier. She also covered the roles available to those interesting in joining or working within the army, the opportunities and benefits of joining the army, and dispelled some of the misconceptions surrounding the Armed Forces. 

As they were at the Surrey Fire Station, the students were able to gain some hands-on experience; blasting the fire hose, using the electric ladder that extends so that fire-fighter can put out fires high officer blocks, meeting the fire investigation dog unit and more.

The students gained valuable insight into the job roles available within the police force, the British Army and the Fire Brigade, all whilst developing their independence and leadership skills in a safe and enabling environment where they could socialise and communicate with others. It was a fantastic day, packed with diverse and dynamic activities to suit everyone.