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Science students learn about careers in radiotherapy

Published • News
On Friday 16th November 2018 the SFX science department welcomed Dr Ellen Donovan from Surrey University to talk to year 13 students about radiotherapy and careers in radiology, radiotherapy and medical physics / engineering.
Science students learn about careers in radiotherapy
Dr Donovan started with the history of radiotherapy and the surprising revelation that people were using radiotherapy just one year after the discovery of nuclear radiation. She then explained the science, using fusilli pasta to demonstrate the effect of radiation on DNA. One highlight was a Lego model of the radiotherapy unit, complete with amazing detail.

2-500x368.jpgDr Donovan finished her visit by showing the students videos outlining the range of career routes within the radiology area, which inspired a number of students. Below are some of the students’ thoughts following the visit:

“I like how the presenter gave a clear understanding of radiography and radiotherapy. I found the Lego diagram very fascinating and the career options I can go through radiography. Overall, the whole experience was a success.”

“The presentation I witnessed was a refreshing and compelling view on how radiotherapy is delivered in hospital. It gave an insight on how different equipment is used by radiographers and how the work they do allows the people applying the radiotherapy to patients to adjust the dose so the patient is given the right amount for their individual condition.  I was also given career options which made me think on what I wanted to do and what steps I need to perform to accomplish this.”

“She gave me an inside to radiography and showed me different pathways which I’m grateful for and thought me the different option of jobs which I can do if I follow this career.”