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Aiming High Programme at St. Francis Xavier College

Unlock your potential with our Aiming High programme, designed exclusively for high achieving students at St. Francis Xavier College. This programme is crafted to elevate your academic and personal profile, making you a standout candidate for prestigious universities and sought-after degree apprenticeships.
Why Choose Aiming High?

Taster Sessions & Lectures: Participate in university-style taster sessions and lectures that focus on subject-specific content and skills. Led by experienced university lecturers, these sessions are designed to deepen your knowledge and prepare you for the rigors of higher education.

University & Career Guidance: Receive bespoke advice on university applications, including personal statement crafting, interview techniques, and selecting the right course and institution for your aspirations.

Widening Participation Programmes: Gain access to esteemed university mentoring programmes such as Realising Opportunities, which partners with leading universities to support your application process and gives reduced offers to 13 Russell Group universities upon completion of the programme. Other programmes we also help students to engage with include:
  Wider Reading Around the Subject: Deepen your understanding of your chosen field through extensive reading. Access recommended reading lists and delve into books, academic journals, and articles that will broaden your knowledge and enhance your critical thinking skills.

University Summer Schools: Experience university life first-hand by attending summer schools at prestigious institutions. These programs offer an immersive experience, allowing you to explore specific subjects in depth, engage with university faculty, and meet like-minded peers.

Work Experience (In Person or Virtual): Gain practical insights and enhance your CV by undertaking work experience placements in your field of interest. Whether in person or virtual, these experiences provide valuable exposure to real-world applications of your studies and develop your professional skills.

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses): Expand your learning through MOOCs offered by top universities and organizations worldwide. These online courses cover a wide range of subjects and allow you to learn at your own pace, earning certificates that bolster your academic profile.

Online Resources, Subject Tasters, Courses, and Lectures: Utilize a variety of online platforms to access subject tasters, courses, and lectures. Engage with high-quality educational content that complements your curriculum and provides additional perspectives on your chosen subjects.

Podcasts, Audiobooks, TED Talks, Videos, and Documentaries: Supplement your learning with diverse media formats. Listen to podcasts and audiobooks, watch TED Talks and documentaries, and explore videos that present complex ideas in an accessible and engaging manner.

Special Support for Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Science Applicants: If you are aiming for a career in Medicine, Dentistry, or Veterinary Science, receive specialised support to navigate the highly competitive application process. This includes guidance on admission tests like the UCAT, interview preparation, and insights into gaining relevant work experience.

Oxbridge Support: For students interested in applying to Oxford or Cambridge, we have a range of support to help with the decision-making and application. We have established a strong relationship with both Jesus College, Oxford and Robinson College, Cambridge and throughout the year we have talks from and workshops from each university covering aspects such as course and college choice, the application process, super-curricular advice and preparation for entry assessments and interviews. In addition, each year we take prospective students on visits to both universities, so that they can make an informed decision as to which one would be right for them.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ): The EPQ is a highly valued and respected course which is designed to enhance the student’s ability to work independently through the development and utilisation of a series of academic skills, all of which are beneficial to future study and employment. For those looking to apply for university, this course provides excellent preparation for the kind of study required at degree level. The EPQ is particularly beneficial for those applying to Oxbridge and other highly competitive universities. For more information on the EPQ programme at St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College, contact EPQ Co-ordinator Mr Calvert

For further information on the Aiming High programme please contact:

Mr K Hull (Assistant Principal)