Reporting Student Absence

Student Absence phone: 020 8772 6089
Student Absence email: 

If you wish to report a student absence, a parent/carer must either call in or email the student absence team by 9:30am on each morning that the student is unable to attend college.

For appointments, you need to give at least 24 hours’ notice, together with evidence of the appointment. Note that only hospital and orthodontist appointments will be authorised. General GP, blood test/x-ray and dentist appointments MUST be made outside of any lesson time.

Student Absence Policy

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

  • Students are entitled to three authorised absences per half term. After the third absence, evidence in the form of a doctor’s note will be required in order for the absence to be authorised.
  • Evidence will also be required should an absence last for longer than five days.
  • Parents will be emailed at the end of each day outlining any unauthorised absences
  • Punctuality is an important part of being organised and reliable and being punctual is a habit that all students need to develop. With this in mind, parents will be sent a text message outlining when a student has been marked late to their lesson and we encourage parents to help support students in getting into College and into their lessons on time.

Appointments and Hospital Stays
  • For GP, dental and opticians appointments, we will expect these to be organised outside of college hours. Where this is not possible, evidence of the appointment will be required before this absence can be authorised.
  • For any other appointments evidence will still be required.
  • Should your child be admitted to hospital for any reason please inform us as soon as possible and forward a discharge note onto us upon completion of their stay in hospital. Please also email any evidence relating to the hospital stay which you have before you receive the discharge note.
  • Should a student be needed to translate for a parent at an appointment we will expect this to be organised for outside of college hours.
Picking up/Looking after younger siblings
  • We do not authorise students picking up or looking after younger siblings. Students should not be responsible for collecting or looking after younger siblings if this impacts their ability to attend the College, except in very rare emergency situations where no other provision is possible.
  • With regards to COVID related absences, we will require any positive test to be registered with the NHS with evidence of this forwarded onto us. Should the test have been undertaken through a pharmacy or alternative test provider, the letter containing the result will need to be forwarded to us.
  • Students are entitled to isolation of 5 days, including the day they have tested positive, and then will be expected to return to college unless a second registered positive test result is provided.

Extended periods of absence
Any extended periods of leave, including any trips abroad or otherwise, will not be authorised, for any reason. Students will need to speak to all subject teachers and Assistant Principal, Mr. Hull, before the absence.