Dear prospective Geography student,

I am Ms J. Adams one of the Geography teachers here at SFX. Below I have suggested some activities for you to involve yourself with during the period between now and September which will help bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level. Please feel free to do one, a few or all of them…

1. Browse through the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) website - lots of resources and information about Geography related  courses, lectures, careers and activities and sometimes there are competitions to enter.

2. Watch any of Hans Rosling’s videos on YouTube and follow up this by reading his posthumously published book, ‘Factfulness: Ten Reasons Why We’re Wrong About The World- And Why Things Are Better Than You Think.

3. Reading:
  • Take an interest in relevant current events by regularly following the news (e.g. look at the BBC  News website.
  • Read ‘Brick Lane’ by Monica Ali.
  • Read ‘Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need To Know About Global Politics’ by Tim Marshall.
  • Take out a subscription for a magazine such as Geographical and /or The Economist.
  • Read one of the Oxford University Press (OUP) Very Short Introductions on a geography-related topic, e.g. Climate, Plate Tectonics, Landscapes and Geomorphology, Earth System Science, Capitalism, Globalization, the United Nations or Nationalism.

4. Develop your skills so that you are an Independent Learner by choosing a geographical event / news story (current, recent or many years ago) which has inspired you to find out more. This can be on a local, regional, national or global scale. Compile a report, in any format, and include the following:

a. Location of event details.
b. Context /link to Geography A Level specification.
c. Summarise the story/event.
d. Bibliography.
e. Try to include maps, diagrams and images.
5. Familiarise yourself with the Geography A level specification and related skills by looking at the Edexcel (Pearson) website and follow all links to A Level Geography 2016.           

Ms. Adams