University of the Arts London
Performing & Production Arts Extended Diploma

Dear Prospective UAL Performing & Production Arts student,

Want to join a course where your ‘coursework’ can be made up of creative videos, designs, picture boards, reviews of live theatre and vlogs??!!

Alongside performing in a minimum of two live productions a year where you can take on many roles on or behind stage, you will also submit ‘coursework’. The activity below is just one example of what ‘coursework’ might look like - not your traditional written folder of work!
Activity 1: Create and film a ‘songalogue’
‘Songalogues require you to examine the lyrics of a song without the melody, reimagining them as a monologue or spoken scene. The songalogue approach helps you quickly and deeply discover the world of the song using a combination of traditional text-based analysis — derived from classical acting training — and psychophysical methods drawn from the work of acting teacher Konstantin Stanislavski. By dissecting lyrics to decipher the motivations and intentions behind them, you can break down a song’s meaning and uncover powerful emotions.’
You can find some excellent examples on YouTube:
  • Take your favourite song - any genre, any theme!
  • Read the lyrics - you could even write out the part that you are going to use - you can then work out what tone you might like to take, where to pause, where to add emphasis/ drama
  • Consider - what are the words trying to say? What emotion? Who are you ‘talking’ to?
Record yourself on your phone (if possible) and send to the Head of Department, Miss Dewey, via either email (as an attachment ) or if the file is too big (often videos are) use the free website wetransfer - you do not need to log in or make an account, just use your own email address send to After you have sent it you will get a notification that I have downloaded it and I can give feedback!

If you have any questions about the course just send Miss Dewey your questions using the email above.
Remember we live in the most exciting city in the world for the creative sector! Many theatres, drama schools and local community groups are offering digital viewing of works and online projects to get involved in- here are a link to just a few!
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We look forward to welcoming you to the next SFX production company!
The Performing Arts Department!