Dear prospective Science student,

Welcome to Science. If you are interested in studying Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Applied Science or Engineering then you are in the right place!
Science is a hands-on subject and many theories and ideas can be understood and further developed through practical work.
For each subject we would like you to carry out a brief investigation using everyday items from around your home (for Applied Science and Engineering please choose one or two subjects to work on). These tasks link in with a number of key concepts in Science and will start to develop your problem solving and research skills. You can take photos and make notes of your observations. Please bring your completed work with you to enrolment to show us.
You can also access a range of science talks and documentaries online. Here is a selection for you look at:
TED talks
BBC i-player
You can also access free online courses to explore your particular scientific interest:
Future Learn courses – Healthcare and Medicine
Future Learn courses – Science, Engineering and Maths
If you have any questions about the course please contact us. We are looking forward to meeting you in September.
The Science department
Dr Koursarou, Science Coordinator