Sport & Exercise Science

Dear future Sport & Exercise Science Student,

What is Sport Science?

Sport Science is a subject that requires you to consider how the different systems within the body such as the cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal and muscular work together in order to achieve human motion. This concept is then explored in a range of topics to establish how performance can be optimised. In doing this, you are exposed to all the possible career paths and interests within sport science in order to make an informed decision of your next step.

Which topics will you start with in sport science?

  1. Functional Anatomy- An examined unit where you will have to apply your understanding of how the systems mentioned above contribute to performance. You will look at each system in detail and take an exam to establish what you've learned.  

  2. Coaching for performance and fitness- a coursework unit where you will begin to develop and implement your coaching skills. In addition to planning and delivering your own session. 

  3. Specialised fitness training- a coursework unit where you will begin to look at principles of training and fitness testing. You will then look at performance cycles and how these can be tweaked in order to tailor and optimise training.

Transitional Tasks

Which activities will prepare you for September ?

Functional Anatomy: 

The most challenging aspect of functional anatomy is movement analysis. This is where you will need to discuss how the joints, bones and muscles play a role in specific sporting actions. A good way to prepare will be to learn the bones, muscles and joints. The activities below will help you do this. Go to: or view PDF here


Coaching for performance and fitness: 

You could start to understand the skills of a coach by watching the netflix documentary “The playbook a coach’s rules for life” 

Specialised Fitness Training: 

Start understanding the term “normative data” and get familiar with reviewing the tables that are produced as a result of fitness testing. Have a look at the different tests and what they measure, also look at the normative data tables.

What reading or documentaries are relevant?

Below is a list of general reading and films/documentaries that will prepare your mind for what is to come. It will help you develop some mental strength but also start to get you thinking outside of the box which is necessary for someone more interested in an entrepreneurial path. 

Summer Reading & Watch list

Books/ Audiobooks:

Shoe Dog - Phil Knight the founder/creator of Nike. 

Start with why- Simon Sinek

Outlier the story of success- Malcolm Gladwell

Elon Musk- Ashlee Vance

The 4 hour work week- Timothy Ferriss

Core Textbooks:

Pearson Btec National Sport and Exercise Science

Revise Btec National Sport and Exercise Science Revision Guide

Revise Btec National Sport and Exercise Science Workbook 

Summer Watch List (Netlix): 

The last dance Michael Jordan 

The Game Changers

What the Health

Ronnie Coleman

Formula One Drive to Survive

The Playbook a Coach’s Rules for Life

Ted X (YouTube):

 Kobe Bryant - The Mindset of a Winner

Karishma Boolani - How Sport Science is Creating Super Athletes

Billie Jean King - This Tennis Icon Paved the Way for Women in Sports

David Epstein - Are athletes really getting faster, better, stronger?

Lewis Pugh - My Mind-Shifting Everest Swim

Aimee Mullins: Changing my Legs - and my Mindset

John Wooden: The difference between winning and succeeding


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The Immune System: Running as Preventative Medicine

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