Course type: A level & Applied • Awarding/exam body: AQA
Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and experiences, where we look to explain why people act and think the way they do. The course aims to extend our everyday observations of human behaviour
by exploring the truth and validity behind what is ‘known’ scientifically. Psychology also examines how we can help formulate effective treatment for individuals who suffer from various psychological disorders. Most of Psychology is literature based, however, there are sizable scientific and mathematical elements.

Course Units

Unit 01: Social influence, Memory, Attachment and Psychopathology

Unit 02: Approaches in Psychology, Biopsychology and Research Methods

Unit 03: Issues and debates in Psychology and three optional topics (Previous topics have included: Gender, Schizophrenia, Relationships, Addiction / Forensic Psychology)

Course Assessment

The A level course is 100% examination based through three papers. All papers include multiple choice, short answer and extended writing questions.

This Course Can Lead To…

This subject is very useful if you want to go on to study Psychology, Counselling, Youth Work, International Relations, Politics, Business or other Social Sciences at degree level. You can study either a BSc (Science) or a BA (Art) in Psychology, so individual university requirements need to be checked as they may vary. A Psychology degree has been widely regarded as one of the most versatile degrees when trying to access the job market after university.

Entry Requirements

Grade 5 in English Language, Grade 5 in Maths and Grade 5 in Science (Core, Additional or Applied) & GCSE score of at least 4.8 is advisable
Students with either a Grade 4 in Maths may be considered subject to availability

Course Highlights

  • Trip to Royal Bethlem Hospital
  • Trip to Freud’s residence and MuseumPsychology Live!
  • Conference at Disney Land Paris
  • Trip to London Zoo for a talk on Phobias