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Two Year 13 Students Through to the Final Stage of Sacla’ Scholarship Selection Process

Published • News
Two St. Francis Xavier Year 13 students have made it to the final round in the selection process for a university degree scholarship awarded by food brand Sacla’. If selected, the students will receive £5,000 for each year of their university course to put towards university fees. The selected students will also have the opportunity to gain work experience for Sacla’ at their headquarters during their degree, with the possibility of gaining a permanent role at the end of the work experience.
The opportunity was open to all students hoping to study a food or management degree at university in September 2021. As part of the process students that were interested in the scholarship were able to attend a webinar to find out more information and advice on the application process. They then had to submit their CV and a cover letter explaining why they would be a good candidate for the scholarship. Students selected for the next stage were then asked to submit a video of themselves making a meal using Sacla’ products and talking about their passion for food.


The two successful students are Madalina, who is studying Economics, Business, Spanish and an EPQ and is planning to study Business Management at university, and Xavier, who is studying Biology, Economics and Geography, and is planning to study Nutrition and Dietetics at university. Madalina decided to apply because “this opportunity is greater than just a scholarship as it also offers a wide range of experience in the business world of the Food Industry.”, and Xavier because “it is an opportunity for me to get vital work experience in the industry which will improve my job prospects in the future as well as providing me with networking opportunities.”


For the final stage of the scholarship selection process both students will be attending an interview at the Sacla’ UK headquarters later this month “I am quite proud of myself and I am a little nervous for the interview, however, I have the support of Mr. Nipah during my preparation so I am hopeful” explained Xavier. Madalina says she is very pleased to have been selected for the final round “I was very pleased with myself, I feel excited yet nervous given that although I have got this far, I can’t relax just yet. However, I am very proud and thankful for my achievements so far.”