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SFX holds hustings for local Battersea candidates

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Candidates for the Battersea constituency came to SFX, putting forth their arguments for what they would do in the role of MP, and debated with students about issues both local and nationally.  
DSC02040.JPGThe candidates are:

Labour’s MP Marsha de Cordova who won the Battersea seat in the 2017 election. As the Shadow Minister for Disabled People, she cites her experience living with visual impairment as the reason she wants to make a difference in other people’s lives.

Kim Caddy (Conservative) is a Wandsworth Councillor and has been a community activist for the past eight years.

Lois Davis (Green) has resided in Battersea for more than 20 years. She teaches English to individuals who speak various other languages within the community education sector.

Mark Gitsham (Liberal Democrat) has been a Battersea resident since 2011 and part of the Liberal Democrats since 2016 when he became an active Remain campaigner.  

The questions students posed to the candidates were:
  • How is Brexit going to affect the flow of tourists coming into the UK from Europe?
  • What support will you be offering to aspiring Entrepreneurs that are looking to start up their own business for the first time?
  • Following the violence at cinemas showing the film ‘Blue Story’ what are your thoughts on the film being banned?
  • How important do you think it is that young people are educated about the changing climate and what would your party do to ensure we are best prepared for a world that will be very different from the one you grew up in?
  • How far do you think cuts to education, policing and youth services have contributed to the record levels of knife crime?
  • With funding playing a big part in students' decisions on whether to go to university or not, what is your opinion on the cost of tuition fees?
  • The Bursary support was taken away from trainee nurses, is there a guarantee that this will come back and not as a loan?
  • How are you tackling the idea that society is becoming more overtly racist?