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SFX Alumni Zoe Garshong returns to SFX inspiring female students to break the glass ceiling

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Former Saint Francis Xavier Sixth Form College student and now CEO of Ms Independent Global, Zoe Garshong, delivered training sessions to all female students during the recent House Days.
SFX Alumni Zoe Garshong returns to SFX inspiring female students to break the glass ceiling
Zoe gave students brilliant advice about areas they need to think about now if they are to become the industry leaders and entrepreneurs of the future, and ensure that they have good employment prospects in the fast changing world of IT. Zoe gave students insight on what it takes to be a female leader in a male dominated workplace and tips on how to stake their claim. She spoke about the need to be able to speak about money in a confident manner, how net working can be beneficial, and how to become involved in networks, the benefits of voluntary work, the need to make CVs stand out by showcasing added value and skill sets, and much more. Zoe made the point that students need to start preparing to showcase themselves NOW, and that qualifications alone are no longer enough. Her words, “Everyone has a degree,” were quickly followed up with advice that students need to prove that they have been using their own time to learn new skills which bring added value to their applications, particularly the IT skills which all companies and start-ups will require. Female students need to make sure that they equip themselves to stand out in the crowd of thousands of equally well qualified job applicants.
Students were given access to a wealth of information which can be accessed via the Ms Independent Global website and social media platforms, and were invited to contact Zoe with any queries.   
Zoe’s company has ever growing links with some of the biggest employers in the UK. Ms Independent Global also has branches in Spain and Ghana.