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SFX Students Begin Mentoring Scheme at Local Primary School

Published • News
SFX students have recently begun a mentoring scheme at local school Julian’s Primary School. The scheme involves the SFX student volunteers visiting the primary school once a week to meet with a pupil they have been paired up with to mentor. The student's support their mentee in class whilst also having one to one meetings with them to aid their development.

The aim of the mentoring scheme is for the SFX students to act as positive role models, helping to build the primary school pupil's confidence and develop their resilience and character. Aside from the benefit to the primary school pupils, the mentoring scheme is a great opportunity for the SFX students to develop their own communication and interpersonal skills, build on their professional development beyond academia, gives them an insight into the teaching profession with support from primary school teachers and allows them to experience the satisfaction of having a positive impact on another person's life.

SFX student Emely: "I hope to gain communication skills and more experience with children."

SFX student Zay-Yaan says "I'm hoping that I will have a big impact in preparing them for secondary school."