December 2022 VESPA Awards

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December 2022 VESPA Awards
Our highest performing and hardest working students were rewarded in the final St Francis Xavier Catholic Sixth Form College VESPA awards ceremony of 2022 this week. Principal Graham Thompson presented awards to our most outstanding students in the College Chapel, including Amazon vouchers for the students winning the Principal’s award.
The winning students were rewarded for demonstrating the values that underpin the College’s ethos. Those values are Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude. All winning students were treated to the traditional pizzas in the Chaplaincy afterwards.

All winning students were nominated by their teachers. Some of the submissions included:

Rachel Aina - UAL Extended Diploma Art and Design: Graphic Communication
"Rachel as applied herself well this term and has produced sophisticated digital designs on the iPad in Procreate app for her personal study on culture and heritage. She has an interview at Cambridge University's Trinity Hall to study architecture and had produced a e-portfolio. She has worked hard to produce detailed pencil location observation sketches that are exceptional." 

Ryan Peprah - A Level Economics
"100% attendance and punctuality, clearly putting in the extra effort by reading arund the subject and keeping up to date with current economic events. Always ready with an insightful question which sets an example for his peers."

Alexis Xavier - A Level Physics
"Without a doubt the the most dedicated woman in physics I've met. Her dogged determination and indomitable quest for mastery in physics is unsurpassed in her cohort."

Kelis King - T Level Management and Administration
"Kelis has demonstrated all the VESPA values, her confidence and progress ion has come on leaps and bounds, illustrated by securing multiple placement offers, being a T Level student ambassador at the open day and presenting to Governors. Keep up the good work!"

Nazeera Diaz - CTEC Engineering
"Nazeera has shown great natural leadership qualities. She is often the mainspring in any teamwork activity and an absolute force of nature, hidden behind a deceiving facade of grace, poise and politeness."

Tilly Wood - A Level Geography
"A fantastic start to Geography A level. Tilly always puts effort into every task and has achieved a consistently high standard in all her assessments."

Parsa Sianat - A Level Further Maths
"Parsa is a fantastically natural mathematician who truly appreciates and enjoys the subject. He achieved a Gold award in the Senior Maths Challenge and he has an amazing work ethic. He is friendly, considerate, polite and very supportive of his peers."

The full list of winners follows:
A Levels and GCSEs  
Art and Design -Fine Art Elsa Rama
Art and Design- Graphic Communication                Rachel Ania
Art and Design- Photography Kelly De-Graft
Business Maria Dimitrova
Classical Civilisation Daniela Araujo Saldanha
Criminology Nallely Perez Guillcatanda
Economics Ryan Peprah
English Language GCSE Anderson Teixeira
English Language Taisha McIntyre
English Literature Hanna Kujore
English Language and Literature Jumobi Bakare
Geography Tilly Wood (Year 1)
Geography Kareece Stone Small (Year 2)
History Emona Peeva (Yr1)
French Favour Colombus
Italian Harshini Ramsurun
Spanish Maireny Tejada Martinez
Law Stacey Aderaye
GCSE Maths Lois Asamoah
Maths Nikki Corrodus
Further Maths Parsa Sianat
Politics Shaqueal Holmes
Psychology Eva Radzeviciute
Applied Psychology Grace Farndale
Physics Alexis Xavier
Biology Mansour Al Raisi
Chemistry Tiana McNaught
Sociology Taiwo Kola - Kurforji
Religious Studies Bianca Dibu
UAL Extended Diplomas  
UAL Media Peniel Obisesan
UAL Art and Design Ruihua Huang (Rain)
UAL Performing Arts Denis Bombo Muabi
BTECs and CTECs  
CTEC Engineering Nazeera Diaz
BTEC Health and Care 3 Yr1 Tricia Mae Bautista
BTEC Health and Care 3 Yr 2 Flora Dasaolu
BTEC IT level 2 Estefany Pereira
BTEC IT level 3 Robert Flores De Freitas
BTEC Sport - Football Academy Suber Mohamed
BTEC Sport Arell Cole
BTEC Travel and Tourism year 1 Fatima Ogbeifun
BTEC Travel and Tourism year 2 Rizellee Gonzales
BTEC Business 1 Demisola Ogunfuwa
BTEC Business 2 Andrews Araujo Lugo
BTEC Business 3 Yr 1 Leila Hamdouch Osorio
BTEC Business 3 Yr 2 Deborah Turkson
BTEC Business 3 Yr 2 Alison Vocal Vallejos
BTEC Science Agatha Enedeh
T Levels  
T level Management and Admin Kelis King
Edexcel Number and Measure Award Angel Velosa
House Awards  
Canterbury Kareece Stone Small
Durham Kamran Hasteei
York Edjola Dema
Walsingham Givonny Hall
Lincoln Chenique Palmer
Courage Awards  
  Donovan Ellerton
  Taisha McIntyre