2023 VESPA Award Winners Honoured

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Top accolades for our most deserving students!
2023 VESPA Award Winners Honoured
Over 200 students filled the chapel before half term to celebrate the College’s highest achievers in the 2023 VESPA Awards. VESPA stands for Vision, Effort, Systems, Practice and Attitude, and the awards are presented to the most dedicated, hard-working and resilient students at St Francis Xavier Catholic Sixth Form College.

The ceremony began with a special leavers service from College Chaplain Deacon Tony, reflecting on the students’ many gifts and talents that have been enhanced during their time at St Francis Xavier Catholic Sixth Form College.

College Principal Graham Thompson led the presentation ceremony, supported by the respective Heads of Departments who had nominated the winning students. Students from all subject areas were honoured, along with two Principal’s Award winners and special awards for resilience and courage.

In keeping with tradition, the winners headed off to the canteen after the event for a celebratory pizza lunch!

The full list of winners follows:
Course                                                          Name
A Levels
Art and Design -Fine Art
Giovanna Garcia
Art and Design - Graphics
Rachael Aina
Art and Design - Photography
Victoria Hargraves
Chenuki Liyanage
Classical Civilisation
Taniah Williams
Blessing Nsimba
Mansour Al Raisi
English Language
Amber Johnson
English Language and Literature
Jose Lema Garcia
English Literature
Khaleed Raheem
Adebolajoko Kayode
Tom Posnic-Boyce
Favour Columbus
Favour Columbus
Valentina Duarte Cardona
Shanquarah Moxam-Edwards
Kevin Meireles
Petra Gomes Freitas
Further Maths
Sahithya Parthiban
Media Studies
Marie-Sophie Tonea
Calicia Tavernier
Adisa Abiola-Ellison
Applied Psychology
Emileo Beech
Alexis Xavier
Eyo Duke
Eyo Duke
Justelle Watkins Poole
Religious Studies
Tamilore Salako
UAL Media
Jude Anderson
UAL Art and Design
Katherine Towl
UAL Performing and Production Arts
CTEC Engineering
Tyrone SImpson
BTEC Health and Care Level 3 Year 2
Mariam Diarra
BTEC Health and Care Level 3 Year 2
Lady Jeng
BTEC IT Level 2
Richard Abu
BTEC IT Level 3
Shah Hussain
BTEC Sport - Football Academy
Suber Mohamed
BTEC Sport
Desharne Bent-Ashmeil
BTEC Travel and Tourism Year 2
Sanna Kakar
BTEC Business Level 3 Year 2
Yves Astrid Hobley
BTEC Business Level 3 Year 2
Alison Vallejo Vocal
BTEC Science Level 3 Year 2
Agatha Enedeh
Special Awards  
Resilience Award
Shranieya Jeyabalan
Principal’s Award
Rachael Aina
Principal’s Award
Hammad Kamara
Courage Award
Zara Acheampong