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SFX welcomes visitors from China

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SFX welcomes visitors from China

Last week SFX hosted a delegation of visitors from Changzhou Textile Garment Institute, a college in China. The visitors all teach at the Institute and wanted to experience the vocational training landscape in the UK. They had been to a college in Birmingham before travelling to London to visit SFX.

The visitors with Art & Design students


During their visit to the sixth form, they dropped into UAL Level 3 Art & Design, BTEC Level 3 Applied Science and BTEC Level 3 Engineering classes, where they had the opportunity to speak to students – via a translator – about the student’s coursework and experience of the course. Art students took the delegates through their sketchbooks and engineering students had their projects set up and gave thorough explanations on what they were.

The visitors also had an opportunity to hear from staff members about the UK Level 3 curriculum and the imminent introduction of T levels due to be launched in autumn 2020.

It was an educational visit for all as the delegates gave an insight into how they deliver their programmes in China.